YUMI YOSHIMOTO scarf 002 "The perfect laundry day"


YUMI YOSHIMOTO is a textile brand of designer Yumi Yoshimoto.

Activities began in 2013 and is based on Tokyo and Yamanashi in Japan.

I am fantasizing the events and landscapes that become positive, and I am producing products that can live my daily life with a merry mood.

When drawing an original I use original film and paint knife, I draw unique touch and texture by etching.

It scans the original and converts it into data, and it applies inkjet prints and hand prints by craftsmen.

We are also collaborating with domestic and foreign companies and designing and planning fabric products.


There is a square window on the side of the desk in my workplace. I got inspiration from the window, the city view ,the weather and the state of the town and designed this scarf.

The title of this pattern is "The perfect laundry day".
I painted the scenery of a day of sunny days that can dry all the collected laundry.

  • The original picture is drawn by etching, it is scanned and printed by dye ink jet printing.
  • This is using a fabric with a sense of sheer.
  • quality:cotton73%,silk27%
  • size:85cm×85cm