Strangely Folded Geometry No. 2 (Raspberry/Yellow)

by Stellavie

Strangely Folded Geometry is about precisely constructed bodies and forms, loosely reminiscent of post-modern architecture, its structure rigidly build with the strictness of an engineer, its beauty drawn with the intuition of an artist. It’s the clash of geometric abstraction, a hint of an Escher-esque perspective and the truly delicate art of paper folding that makes these pieces breathe.

– Silkscreen print (serigraphy), 3-colors, handprinted
– 30 x 30 cm (approximately 12 by 12 inch)
– 100 prints per edition (color-combination), signed & numbered
– Hand-printed on a beautiful 300 gsm premium paper stock from Italy
– Acid-free, alkaline buffered, archival quality, long-life
– Random prints from the edition feature a single deckle-edge
– Unframed; ships in a sturdy poster tube