Screenprint Expanded Memory Series

by Vanda Sim Sim

Expanded Field series are characterized by the juxtaposition of bright colours and bold shapes supported by lots of visual research – internet, newspapers, typographical elements, revealing my interest in the contemporary languages that surround us. Advertisements, outdoors, graffiti’s, urban landscapes, old and new architecture, the perception of the world in constant change, social relations, everything influence the final result.
Also, my drawing practice is becoming more present again, transforming the final results more personal to me in some way.
With 5 to 10 images prepared on screenprint screens, I play with the combination of different layers, colours, scales, working on a dialogue between abstraction and figuration, small details and large saturated places. Each print became a different and unique combination of this process, exploring the screenprint technical possibilities, but also reflecting the multiplicity of realities and dimensions on a nowadays same place. 

Unique Proofs - 1/1

Year - 2019

Size -50x35cm

Process - Screenprint 

Paper - Fabriano Rosaspina 285gr

All my screen prints are hand-pulled using waterbased inks in acid free paper. Sold unframed, rolled in acid free tissue paper and packaged in a cardboard postal tube or in a flat pack cardboard.