Salto Mag #2

by nadine kolodziey

The Salto Mag #2!
(Text by Emily Gosling, It's nice that)
Bright fluoros and brilliantly executed line work in Berlin-based Nadine Kolodziey’s work

With clashing fluoro colours and bold line work, Nadine Kolodziey’s images are a beguiling blend of in-yer-face hues and nuanced mastery of her media. Nadine is based in Berlin and Offenbach, and has produced a glorious portfolio of graphic design and illustration in her burgeoning career. The project we’re focussing on today though is Salto magazine, now in its second issue. According to Nadine, the mag sees “fragments of daily life and stories layered in a colourful mix of shapes.” It looks superb – if only daily life were really so bold and cheerful.