"-Rudeboy and Rudegirl Dancing on Orange -" A2 Screen-print

by The Cledford

There are others like it but no two the same...

The "Rudeboy and Rudegirl Dancing on Orange" is from a series of prints created in an ongoing experimental project called The Cledford by Graphic Artist Vince Patterson. The process involves a collaging of a variety of found imagery, geometric and organic shapes through a hand pulled screen print process. 

Each print created in the Cledford project is unique, some elements are shared across the designs but no two finished prints are the same, composition and colour vary, the accidental scuffs and marks adding to the individuality.

None of the prints were made to be perfect, or clean, or replicable, they were created with an element of not knowing, of waiting to see how it could work. Accepting of the quirks of the process, reveling in the varied outputs. Each print becomes a statement in itself, a new design, a one-off.

The Rudeboy and Rudegirl Dancers have been a continuing and popular motif throughout the project, their joy and colour a representation of the project itself. 

An edition of one every time.

  • Limited edition 01 of 01
  • Signed
  • Unframed
  • Back on Orange 
  • A2  - - 420 x 594 mm

Prints will be packaged securely and sent on a 'signed for' service. 

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