by LIUMA esercizi di leggerezza

Can you get a print from an engraved matrix WITHOUT using the ink? The answer is yes! Just brayer and bullet (and a lot of patience and lightness).
Linoleographic printing from three plates. The first two were printed with relief printing (ink is applied to the surface of engraved plates with a roller and transferred to paper by hand rubbing). The third plate instead is transferred to paper by manual blind embossing process with a ball-point burin (blind embossing does not include the use of ink but create a depression in the paper).
Printed on Fabriano Rosaspina paper, 220g

°°° Image size: 27x31cm
°°° Paper size: 30x0 cm
°°° Paper: Fabriano Rosaspina paper, 220g
°°° Signed: on the front - Original linoblock print (not a reproduction), every print is numered
°°° Printed by hand
°°° Frame: Not included.
°°° Technique: linogravure, etching, embossing
°°° Artist: Marisa Liuzz