Posterzine™ Issue 21 | Malika Favre

by People of Print
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Malika Favre is a sought-after French artist based in London, UK. Her design aesthetic is now recognised by huge audiences, featuring simple, yet bold forms that play with negative space and perspective. Malika has completed a number of established projects such as work for the New Yorker, Weltkunst and Penguin Books and will no doubt exceed beyond these achievements. 

Posterzine™ is People of Print's monthly publishing project taking the form of a mini-magazine which folds out into a gorgeous A1 format poster (594x841mm). Printed by Pressision Ltd using two special spot colours, in this case, Pantones 108 C and 072 C onto high quality GFSmith Naturalis Paper.

This issue features bold beautiful graphics as well as an in-depth interview with the designer herself, exploring her world of colour and form. 

Direction: Marcroy Smith
Design: Tom Sutcliffe
Interview: Kate Hollowood


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