Paris Tshirt

by Pirrip Press


Artistic deception of the eye / Devil in the details

What’s wrong with the sentence on this shirt eh? At first glance, seemingly nothing. But with closer reading the repetition of the word THE becomes obvious.

Because we generally read quickly in word patterns rather than slowly, one word at a time, it's easy for the eye to skip over the extra THE and register this familiar sentence ‘correctly’.

Let this be a reminder not to skip over and see what you expect, but instead to look closely and enthusiastically to see what’s hidden in the details. And conjure a nice image of un beau jour à Paris of course.

Silkscreen printed in royal blue on heavyweight 100% cotton classic fit Gildan t-shirts (185g) in pale pink.

Sizes (chest): S = 46, M = 51, L = 56