Nothing beats a simple black and white print!

by Stellavie

No need for uncertainty if you go with sleek and simple—nothing beats a simple black and white print. Profoundly so if you add hand-drawn typography and letterpress printing to the mix. Yummy self-referential typography printed with custom laser-cut woodcut letters meets beautiful mould-made paper and an extra amount of that richly pigmented, black letterpress printing ink that everyone just loves!


Letterpress print, 1-color, printed by hand *** 50cm x 70cm (approx. 20 inch by 27,5 inch), standard size *** Edition of 100 + A.P. 10/10, numbered & signed *** Hand-printed on a beautiful 300 gsm premium paper stock from Italy *** Acid-free, alkaline buffered, archival quality, long-life *** Unframed; ships in a sturdy poster tube