Niko Tinbergen Supernormal Needle

by Paul Wolterink

Hand screen print (1 meter tall) of a marked knitting needle as a tribute to Dutch ethologist / ornithologist Nikolaas Tinbergen who won a Nobel Prize ('73) for his discovery on 'Supernormal Stimuli'.

Tinbergen constructed an artificial stimulus consisting of a red knitting needle with three white bands painted around it. The needle elicited a stronger response from a Herring Gull's chick than the actual beak of the parent gull (yellow with a red spot). He defined the Supernormal Stimulus as "Something which excites instinct stronger than its natural variant". Supernormal stimilu are constantly used in our modern lifes. Cosmetic plastic surgery to our bodies, artificial colours, tastes and fragrances in our food, and even (no cloud in the sky) social media trigger our senses.

Hahnemuller 250 grams paper H100 x W23 CM
One colour fat black water based ink
Edition of only -> 15 Taylor-made to size in blank poplar wood frame (or solid white wood).

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