Mara Vera CRICKET scarf

by Mara Vera Textiles

Inspired by the most loved and played sport in India. Cricket is printed using a single wooden block and two different pritning techniques on a natural kashish base. It represnts two teams one in light grey and the other team in navy blue. 

Each scarf takes about a week to complete. All Mara Vera scarves are made in small batches. Slight colour variations and imperfections are part of their beauty and uniqueness. 

*The grey coulour in the new batch is much lighter than the one you see here but still equally gorgeous. 


Measurements: 86″L x 36″ W + / –
Materials: 50% silk, 50% cotton
Colour: indigo, off white and midnigh grey 


We wash each scarf with hypoallergenic soap before we ship them to you. If necessary wash your scarf in cold water preferably by hand or machine wash on gentle cycle setting with mild soap. Be careful not to rub or twist your scarf too hard. Line dry folded or dry flat. Iron on medium warm/ warm setting on reverse.
Never bleach or dry clean.


Mara Vera was founded with a desire to bring modern design with sustainability into our daily lives. Social responsibility and environmental sustainability are at the heart of what we do. We collaborate with master artisans in Gujarat and Rajasthan and work with locally sourced materials to deliver high quality, hand made textiles.

We measure our success in the number of artisans we are able to support.

We invest 5% of proceeds from every sale in the development of the local artisan communities.

All Mara Vera textiles are hand woven on pit-looms and hand block printed with natural and azo free dyes. We hope you enjoy wearing our textiles as much as we enjoyed making them.