by LIUMA esercizi di leggerezza

There is a Japanese art, kintsugi (金 継 ぎ), or kintsukuroi (金 繕 い), literally gold ("kin") and reunite, repair, reunion ("tsugi"), which prescribes the use of precious metal can be gold or silver liquid or lacquer with gold powder - to assemble the pieces of a broken ceramic object, enhancing the new creases created. Each repaired piece becomes unique and unrepeatable due to the casuality with which the ceramic crumbs and irregularities, as well as a whole new beauty.
As with objects there may be events that create breaks in our minds and in our hearts. Many are the ways to remedy, for example, one can be put in motion hands, creating. This, as in kintsugi, can put together pieces in a new and more beautiful way.

In this linoleography I tried to represent this, its name is "Maker kintsugi". The gold details are made after printing, by free-hand, so each print will be unique and not reproducible.

The linoleography is an artistic printing technique of images and graphics on paper, cardboard or cloth by the use of a matrix obtained for engraving on linoleum. The term "linocut" comes from the name of the media (linoleum) and from the greek "grapho" (write).
Each linocut print is printed to order.Matrix is totaly carved by hand by myself with original illustration . Each print one comes out a little different due to handmade printing process. 

°°° Image size: 50x36cm
°°° Paper size: 61x43 cm
°°° Paper: 90g
°°° Signed: on the front - Original linoblock print (not a reproduction), every print is numered
°°° Printed by hand
°°° Frame: Not included.
°°° Technique: linogravure, etching
°°° Artist: Marisa Liuzzi