by The Cledford

The 'JAZZ" Series is part of an experimental project undertaken by Graphic Artist Vincent Patterson. The process involves a collaging of a variety of found imagery, geometric and organic shapes through a hand pulled screen print process. With Screen Printing designed to reproduce mass quantities of printed material, this experiment used the process in another way, to create numerous individual Graphic Screened Collages. The variety of images, colourways and the general (but loved) inconsistencies of the Printing were harnessed to create a series of individual works, each unique and not replicated.

Some elements are shared across the designs but no two finished prints are the same, composition and colour vary, the accidental scuffs and literal fingerprints of the Artist evident in the work. The Prints are onto a variety of paper stocks, wet ink blending with overprinted and over-layed images. 

The prints were never made to be perfect, or clean, or replicable, they were created with an element of not knowing, of waiting to see how it could work. Accepting of the quirks of the process, reveling in the varied outputs. Each print becomes a statement in itself, a new design, a one-off.  

The end of the process for each print came with a nod from the designer, if the print needed more then more was added, another image overlaid more depth added if not it was left, complete.