Herbs and Spices Cushion

by Illustrated Kat

This bright yellow Herbs and Spices cushion is made from a limited edition, hand designed fabric. An original illustration has been printed onto irresistible velvet fabric which is high quality, soft and cosy. At each corner there are dark burgundy tassels with white detailing made from wool and sown securely into the cushion. The bottom of Herbs and Spices is hand sown closed with a cross stitch, no zip, and is 100% made in Britain. This small 30 x 30cm velvet cushion will add bright and happy colours to your home!

} 30 x 30cm
} Velvet fabric
} Hand designed, handmade
} Limited edition
} Hand finished, cross-stitched bottom
For more information email : contactillustratedkat@gmail.com
Shipping from the UK