Everything Happens for a Riesling – Wine Label

by Typewine

Typewine – Labels for impressive wine gifts.

A wonderfully straightforward piece of wisdom for approaching life with a relaxed attitude. And a delicious Riesling on top for you to enjoy …

A bottle of wine always goes down well as a gift – be it for birthdays, weddings, or when you’re invited over for a meal. But as popular as it is to give people wine, it’s also pretty unspectacular. Now you found the answer! With this Typewine label you can transform a normal bottle of wine into a real eye-catching present in no time. Simply cover over the label on the wine bottle – done! Make a lasting impression the next time you give wine gift: Always a great present. Simple to stick on. Covers up the original label. Guaranteed to make an impression. Cheers!

Our Typewine labels are printed on premium paper, with a mat finish. Thanks to a special coating, you can easily cover over any standard wine label with a Typewine label, without anything underneath showing through.

Be sure to choose a wine bottle with a label that is no bigger than 130 x 90 mm. Alternatively, you can always stick the Typewine label on the back of the bottle, or remove the original label. Imprints in the glass or oversized wine labels aren’t ideal for covering over.