Ephemeral Issue 1

by Ephemeral

This long, thin, green, handbook-like publication is called Ephemeral. A fresh, brand-spanking-new publication only on its first issue.

 Created in Norfolk by Lily Lambie-Kiernan, Ephemeral looks through the lens of ephemerality to explore the contemporary world. The publication primarily utilizes illustration to portray narrative but also includes personal notes, poems, anecdotes and investigation. Preferring the personal interest and expression of the creative individual, on a chosen subject, as opposed to the opinions and information of the subject’s expert.

The first issue is comprised of work from young and talented creators Kirsty O’Rourke, Sinae Carrotate Park, Mitch Forsyth and Lily Blakely, to name a few. Exploring the ephemerality, the cultural and social factors and the personal connection to Hair. Discussing the changing gender norms within the barbershop, the history and popularity of wigs and the identity that could be attached to your hair.