'Endavant' - Catalonia - 3 colour screen print

by Paul Wolterink

Three in one... my love for Barcelona, cycling (Dutchman) and screen printing combined ;).

'Endavant' shows the view from the 5th floor apartment that I lived in, situated in the heart of old maritime quarter Barceloneta, right at the Mediterranean Sea, where I daily woke up, with the landlord's race bicycle standing in between me and the view. In Catalan the expression 'Endavant' is used in different situations. 'Endavant' radiates positivity and represents progress. As cycling term it means 'Forward' and 'Ahead!'. But, even more rooted, when we talk about the progression of Catalunya's road to independence it also means 'forward'. The typeface on the bike's frame, as a secret wink, refers to the typographic 1932 cover of Catalunya's Estatut d'Autonomia (look that up in Google).


Screenprint (without frame !)

Nature White Barth 200 grams, W40 X H50 cm

3 colours, black, blue and neon orange hand pulled water based ink

Edition of 30, signed & numbered


This print is also available in a quality blank tulip wooden frame or in a black painted wooden frame (all taylor-made by a professional framer). Print and frame then cost £300 (ex shipping). Shipping costs will be circa £25, but contact me so I can calculate this for you, sync to your specific print, frame and country destination. If you have a question please email Paul

Additional info: Shipped in sturdy wide tube. Shipping is usually much quicker than indicated. Tracked and signed delivery.