Death By Bacon Screenprint

by Emily Chappell

'Death By Bacon'

Signed 3 colour screenprint from a limited edition of 15.

Print size - 410x620mm
Paper size - 530x730mm

Printed on smooth Zerkall/John Purcell (Special Making) 150gsm.

'Death By Bacon' is part of a series of 'grotesques' that depict the recent demonisation of particular food stuffs/individual components of food - that of sugar, caffeine, gluten, fat, etc. 
The rhetoric used in the media, (and echoed by the self-righteous!), is hyperbolic, and it can often evoke visual imagery akin to that of voodoo or shamanism - out of body experiences, hysteria, etc.
Ingredients like wheat or sugar are likened to crack or heroin. MSG is likened to a psychedelic drug. It can really reach those extremes. Food is to be feared!