Caja Baja Calendar


The idea of ​​the CAJA BAJA project has a strong historical / archaeological component, but also an artistic and experimental vision. Looking to generate new results from an old technique in the current context of graphic design, inviting to stop time and enjoy the processes and the uncertainty of the final result.

It is a private project that is financed with the sale of our editions, with the experimentation activities that we carry out in the form of workshops for designers and visual artists, and with works on demand that look for the manual and the artisan print. 

One of the most important projects of our Atelier is the Caja Baja Calendar.

The Calendar seeks to rescue the essence of what was the Engraving Club of Montevideo. Trys to link graphic art to a wider sector of society, through a limited edition printing format, using the figure of the Calendar as a vehicle, a graphic object that has a very important root in the popular culture of our country.

Every year a different group of Uruguayan illustrators are invited to be part of the edition, where we gather artists of outstanding costume with young emerging, betting to enrich the knowledge and the generation of new bonds.

In addition to the invited artists, the collective of each edition is completed with an open call where young artists present their proposals to be part of the calendar.

The selection of the works of this open call is made through a jury of recognized artists of our environment.

Among the artists who have participated illustrating the calendar and as juries stand out: Gustavo Wojciechowski (Maca), Dani Scharf, Fidel Sclavo, Álvaro Amengual, Carlos Palleiro and Sebastián Santana among others.

The calendar also aims to encourage the local designers.

The calendar is composed of 12 independent sheets, 30 x 40 cm, and is printed with serigraphy, engraving and typography.

The paper used is environmentally friendly.

Artists of the 2019 edition:

Carlos Palleiro

Matias Acosta

Martín Azambuja

Lucia Franco

Ximena Fontaiña

Luis Bellagamba

Lucia Burgueño