Clifford Jago & The Ice Queens

by Clifford Jago

Put down those memes & starter packs, the king of the fashion underground is back.

Clifford Jago returns with a bang. Jago’s latest journey sees him travel to Iceland to meet the ‘The Ice Queens’ during country’s peak winter season. Iceland made the perfect backdrop for Jago’s latest quest to ascend to the next level. Waterfalls, Sheep, Hot Dogs & Lagoons kept the dream alive.

Combining both digital and analogue together this time has allowed a new direction. Cliff not only styled the ice queens of Iceland, but now digital supermodels are fused into the world of Jago and styled with the same finesse.

After the success of his first book it was important to accelerate the fashion even further with key pieces and styling combinations allowing his characters to reach their final form. Also Jago teams up with Catalogue Design this time around to deliver an absolute devil of a second book.

Although digitally fused the whole book was shot on 645 film and hand printed in the darkroom, playing with the elements of digital and analogue pushes this book forward as one of the most forward thinking publications of this year.

Having failed to secure a supermodel for the cover, Jago brought it upon himself to create the ultimate super model, a face of which the world has never seen before but everybody knows… no agent smith can stop our boy cliff now.


Size: (280mm x 216mm)
Colours: 52 page Full Colour
Paper: 130gsm Gloss
Process: Lithograph Printed

Shipping: from United Kingdom