“Campsite” handmade original color woodcut

by Paul Roden

”Campsite” is an intimate cozy scene in nature. A herringbone pup tent is nestled in a thicket of pines. Nearby, a crackling fire casts dramatic light and sends a glorious plume of smoke to the heavens.

Drawn and carved during artist Paul Roden’s ‘year of living dangerously,‘ ”Campsite” has the best trademarks from this era of work—precise, tightly stylized lines, broad swaths of bold process color, and a quiet yearning for the joy of solitude.

8”x10” on ivory Somerset book heavyweight, numbered edition, 2017.  Four blocks—yellow, red, blue, and black—print in layers to also create orange, green, purple and brown, giving the final image the full range of color from the Crayola 8 pack of our youth.