Camille Romano "Kirinko Lake" Screen Print


Kirinko Lake is located in Yufuin, Kyushu island in Japan. I visited the hotsprings city many times during my 7 months on the island. The city has been very damaged by the last April's earthquake, but I remember its beautiful mountain landscape. This print is available in 5 different colors.

Size: 400x500 mm

Monochrome: available in Red, Pistacchio, Dark Green, Mixed Orange, Pistacchio on black paper.

Paper: White paper: Norfolk Cartdridge 210 gsm; Black paper: Maya 120 gsm

Edition: Red (4), Pistacchio (4), Dark Green (8), Mixed Orange (4), Pistacchio on black paper (4).

Process: Hand screen printed in Helsinki, Finland

Editioned and signed.