Biscuit Pencils Set No. 1

by I AM A
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Is it possible to have a calorie free biscuit treat along with a cup of tea? Yes, it is! 

Our favourite English Biscuits have been gold foiled onto multi coloured pencils. Yummy!

  1. Digestive (Red pencil)
  2. Rich Tea (Dark Blue pencil)
  3. Ginger Nut (Orange pencil)
  4. Jammie Dodger ♥ (Cream pencil)
  5. Bourbon Cream (Brown pencil)
  6. Custard Cream (Pastel Yellow Pencil)
  • Happily Made In: CaliforniaUSA
  • Color: Multi-colored Pencils 
  • Foiling: Gold Foiled
  • Designer's Random Fact: Our favourite biscuit is a jammie dodger. It's been in our lunch box since we were kids. Like the biscuit, we have not forgotten the little ♥ and have the ♥ imprinted too! Makes our heart flutter - what a joy!