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B–SIDES — 20pp Publication

Ian Caulkett

B–SIDES — 20pp Publication


B–SIDES is a collection of photographic moments exploring the visual language of Brighton through the eyes of local graphic designer Ian Caulkett. B–SIDES looks at the space that surrounds his daily life and the elements that inform his work as a designer – the unremarkable detail, the graphic qualities of found typography, shapes, lines, colour and shadows. He is drawn to the detail, the changes in the immediate landscape; whether walking the same route every day, or finding a new area of this beautiful and fascinating city. B–SIDES is designed and curated by Ian Caulkett, with special thanks to Ash O’Brien and Layla Brook. Printed by newspaper club. Typeface Europa Grotesk. Images copyright Ian Caulkett. B–SIDESBTN.TUMBLR.COM

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B–SIDES is a 20pp publication in a newspaper format, featuring 24 original photographs of Brighton, UK and it’s surroundings. All images copyright Ian Caulkett. B–SIDES is packaged folded, and sent first class in a C4 branded envelope. 

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