Autobiographical Travels Postcards Special Limited Edition

by ArabellaSimpson

Autobiographical Travels Postcards by Arabella Simpson

ABOUT ME: I am an artist and illustrator, based in the UK. My work consists of graphic doodles, using sharpies and colouring crayons. My illustrations are influenced by Cubism and Ancient Art.


 These are postcards that feature drawings of the things I remembered when I went abroad. Not only I remembered these things they were my favourite aspects from these trips. The numbers indicate the dates that I arrived and departed. Also the months and year that I been to a particular country. 

The countries I been to are:

Hungary - Budapest

Germany - Berlin

Netherlands - Amsterdam

United States - New York


These postcards are a limited edition of 100. So far I sold:

Budapest 1-14 Jan 2017 = 30 of 100

Berlin 12-15 Jan 2013 = 21 of 100

Amsterdam 3-21 Mar 2014 = 46 of 100

New York 5-22 Aug 2010 = 36 of 100


Thank you so much for browsing!