Annette Jacobs – Sun

by rikiki Grafik & Produkt

Annette Jacobs is an illustrator and graphic designer living and working just here in Düsseldorf, Germany (where we are located as well). Wild patterns – is this a mix of molecules and peanut curls? – do fascinate her just as much as clear order and shapes. We love Annettes work because she starts off absolutely manually with paper and scissors and then turns the work into the digital world, serving us with a visual treatment of her own interpretation of her surroundings. Yummy.

Annette's series circus has 6 motives, orignally created as one of a kind paper works with different layers. Together, we transformed this into screenprints with 2 - 4 colors: ultra-ultramarine blue, fire brigade red, balck and white on smooth light grey Kaskad 270 m² paper by Lessebo Bruk. The size of the prints is 30 × 40 cm. Every motive is limited to 25 prints and numbered and signed by Annette.

Size: 30 × 40 cm
Colours: 2
Paper: 270gsm Kaskad light gray
Process: Hand screen printed