Abstract Landscapes - A2 Risograph Print

by Yuck Print House

Edition: 30
Dimensions: A2
Three colour risograph hand finished with gouache paint.
Signed & Numbered

Sofia Schizas is a visual artist from Cyprus, currently based in Barcelona. Sofia's work is concerned in the composition of abstract and imperfect geometric shapes as well as the abstract representation of nature inspired themes, all of it combined with the use of colour. A take on her personal journey through a simple way of life that embraces innocent playfulness, repeated imperfection and visual contradiction.

The results manifest in works on paper, drawing, fabric, soft sculpture, collage and print making. She always tries to find a connection between different media and materials and how they can be transformed through a journey of praxis, from a 2D surface into a 3D object. As a side project, Sofia produces useful and functional items like screen printed notebooks, wall hangings and accessories, as well as hand finished art prints, all produced in limited editions using handcrafted techniques, under the name Hey Sosi.

Published by Yuck Print House. We are passionate about art being part of daily life. We work with artists and designers to create prints that cannot be categorised into one particular facet of contemporary art - instead embracing elements of collage, illustration, poster design and abstraction. We hold exhibitions and launches throughout the UK and continuously releases affordable, limited, quality editions.