ABCD: ISSUE 1 by Abi Baikie and Catherine Dickson

by Riso Soup

A risograph zine designed and printed by Riso Soup members Abi Baikie and Catherine Dickson.

This is a single zine from our fanzine collection, which features 7 Riso Soup fanzines.

The Dundee Print Collective members are fans of many things. Riso Soup has had them making fanzines to celebrate their interests. We hope you become a fan of these fanzines and maybe one day make a fanzine about the Zine of Zines!


Risograph Printed: Black and Red.

Paper: Cyclus offset recycled paper 116gsm

Binding: Staple bound.

Packaging: Clear sleeve, and will be posted in rigid mailing envelope.



Riso soup is a project featuring members of Dundee Print Collective. Working within the limitations of the risograph printing process, we make limited edition publications.

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