A Dangerous Game #5 - Hand-finished Screenprint

by The Messy Printer

Paper: 300gsm acid free

Ink/Paint: Daler Rowney System 3 acrylic and Montana Gold/MTN 94 spray paint

Each print in the 'A Dangerous Game' series is designed and screenprinted by myself in the Bluecoat Studio in Liverpool (UK) before then being hand finished with spray paint. Each print is also totally unique.

As each and every print is hand pulled or hand sprayed by myself, it is possible that slight variations and imperfections may occur from print to print - this may include a rare small paint mark or two on the back of a small number of prints from my messy hands! These imperfections will never be visible from the front and are not visible when framed. I like to consider imperfections as marks of authenticity!

Due to a busy work schedule, all prints will be shipped on weekends.

All prints are sold unframed.