100% Fun Hoodie / Mary Lo

by Mary Lo

100% FUN

A reminder that we all need to have fun, be goofy - do whatever that makes YOU happy (even as cliché as that sounds).

Illustrating silly things makes ME happy. Seeing people look as bomb as possible in punchy, goofball illustrations makes me beyond happy.

As much as I focus on highlighting POC issues and fight for more representation - I need a breather to sit back, relax, and have fun.




Illustration and text embroidered in white silk thread.

A punchy, bold orange hoodie made with the comfiest polar fleece with ribbed cuffs.

Wild out and stay comfy - what more could you ask for?

Wash on cold cycle to avoid shrinkage.

 👀 Free tote bag with every purchase 👀


Size Guide

XS: Length: 53cm, Chest Width: 53cm, Sleeve Length: 60cm

S: Length: 55cm, Chest Width: 55cm, Sleeve Length: 61cm

M: Length: 57cm, Chest Width: 57cm, Sleeve Length: 62cm

L: Length: 60cm, Chest Width: 60cm, Sleeve Length: 63cm

XL: Length: 62cm, Chest Width: 62cm, Sleeve Length: 64cm

2XL: Length: 64cm, Chest Width: 64cm, Sleeve Length: 65cm

3XL: Length: 66cm, Chest Width: 66cm, Sleeve Length: 67cm

4XL: Length: 68cm, Chest Width: 68cm, Sleeve Length: 69cm