Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to be a Vendor?
There is a monthly fee of 50p per product. So, for example, if you were to sell 10 products you would pay a monthly fee of £5.00.

How many products can a Vendor sell?
There is not a limit of how many products a Vendor can sell, but there is a minimum amount of 3.

When do Vendors get paid?
Vendors will be paid the entire balance of their sales within 30 days of their request. This will be for the Vendors entire balance minus the Shopify 2.0% transaction fee, PayPal fee of 3.4%+20p for all transactions up to £1,500* and a 15% commission + V.A.T on that commission.
Vendors can be notified of their current balance upon request.

What happens if a Vendor wants to cancel their licence?
We are unable to offer a refund after a Vendor has made a payment to rent a license.
If a Vendor would like to cancel their DEPARTMENT STORE licence we require 28 days notice.

Who is in charge of the Delivery and Return of Goods?
Vendors are entirely responsible for the packaging and dispatch of every item sold and for all customer correspondence.
Customers should be aware that when purchasing items that they are doing so under the sale, delivery & return policies individual to each Vendor. Each Vendor has a contact email on DEPARTMENT STORE that should be used for all correspondence. However, People of Print will endeavour to lead customers with queries to the relevant Vendor.

Feel free to contact with any further questions.

** Charges may vary and additional charges may apply. More information can be found at