Terms and Conditions

Rental and Fees
There is a license fee of 50p per product per month for the People of Print online shop DEPARTMENT STORE. (Domain of department-store.co).
Monthly payments are re-occurung.
There is no limit to the amount of products or how many of each product a Vendor can sell, but there is a miminum of 3.

Payment for Sales
The Vendor will be paid the entire balance of their sales within 30 days of their request. This will be for the Vendors entire balance minus the Shopify 2.0% transaction fee, PayPal fee of 3.4%+20p for all transactions up to £1,500* and a 15% commission + VAT on that commission. People of Print are not liable to pay the Shopify’s transaction fee, PayPal fee or any other charges. 
The Vendor will be notified of their current balance upon request.

Cancellations of Online Shop License Fee
In no case will a refund be issued for a license after it has been agreed for a Vendor to sell via DEPARTMENT STORE and a payment has been made.
28 days notice is required if a Vendor would like to cancel their license.

Prices of the products on DEPARTMENT STORE may be changed at any time, solely at the discretion of a Vendor, by the revised prices posted on the Website.

No Spam or Offensive Behaviour
Vendors may not engage in spamming, indiscriminate advertising or unsolicited commercial e-mail or cybersquatting. Vendor may not operate a website or link to a website that contains or promotes any offensive, defamatory, obscene, abusive, violent, illegal or unlawful content or activity or that offers any illegal good or service. Without limiting any terms of these Terms and Conditions, People of Print reserves the right to terminate the Vendors account and withhold all fees due if it finds any kind of unsolicited behaviour.

Sale, Delivery and Return of Goods
The Vendor is entirely responsible for the packaging and dispatch of every item they sell. The Vendor is also entirely responsible for any customer correspondence. People of Print does not hold any stock so is not responsible for the packaging and dispatch of any items sold or any customer correspondence. However, People of Print will endeavour to lead customers with queries to the relevant Vendor.
Customers should be aware that when purchasing items that they are doing so under the sale, delivery & return of goods policies individual to each Vendor. Each Vendor has a contact email on DEPARTMENT STORE that should be used for all correspondence.

All images are copyright to their respective owners.

Referral Links
Vendors may provide a link from referring websites to the department-store.co and/or peopleofprint.com websites. Vendors may not display the People of Print or DEPARTMENT STORE name, image, or link in any way that may defame or denigrate the name, brand or trademarks. Vendor may not link to the Websites from a referring website which promotes spam or other offensive or unlawful behaviour.

Service Interruption and Tracking
People of Print will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that its Websites are operational. However, unavoidable technical difficulties may occasionally cause service and tracking interruptions. People of Print is not liable in any way for such interruptions. People of Print will not be liable or responsible for payment of referral fees for any sales that cannot be tracked.

References and Testimonials
Vendors will cooperate with People of Print in the development of press releases, testimonies, and other such marketing materials. Vendors grant People of Print unlimited rights to refer to Vendors in any and all marketing materials, without further compensation.

Breach of Agreement
People of Print may suspend or terminate (at its sole discretion) these Terms & Conditions immediately and without any prior notice
if a Vendor breaches any of these Terms & Conditions. People of Print will not be deemed to have waived any right under these Terms & Conditions unless the waiver is in writing and signed by People of Print. A failure by People of Print to exercise or delay in exercising any right under these Terms & Conditions will not operate as a waiver of that right. Any such waiver will not constitute
a waiver of any subsequent or continuing right or of any other provision in these 
Terms & Conditions.

Term and Termination
These Terms & Conditions will remain in effect for as long as People of Print makes the service available, unless these Terms
& Conditions are terminated:
(a) by either party due to breach of its terms by the other party; or
(b) by either party giving written notice to the other that it wishes to terminate these Terms & Conditions. 

In the event of termination:
(a) People of Print may withhold the final payment to a Vendor for a reasonable time in order to ensure that the correct amount is paid to the Vendor.
(b) Vendors must remove all links to the Websites.
(c) Vendors must remove all statements and representations to the effect that the Vendor is an affiliate of People of Print and DEPARTMENT STORE or otherwise associated with it.

Agreement Modification
People of Print reserves the right to change any of the terms of these Terms & Conditions, at any time and at its sole discretion, by posting a new agreement on the department-store.co and/or peopleofprint.com websites and/or notifying Vendors via email.
The amended Terms & Conditions becomes effective from the date that it is first posted to the website or notification is emailed to the Vendors (whichever occurs first).

** Charges may vary and additional charges may apply. More information can be found at www.paypal.com