Vanda Sim Sim

Vanda Sim Sim is a Portuguese artist, working mostly with printmaking, collage and drawing. Her original hand pulled editions are created on a very limited run, often producing unique prints that cross multiple techniques like screen printing, etching and lithography. 

All items are shipped from Portugal.

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Spacial Memory Series - XI Sold out
Spacial Memory Series - VI Save £20.00
Spacial Memory Series - V Save £20.00

Spacial Memory Series - V

Palafita Series - I
Stretch - I Save £35.00

Stretch - I

Spacial Memory Series - XIII Save £20.00
Palafita Series - II
Palafita Series - III
Palafita Series - IV
Palafita Series - V
Palafita Series - VI
Screenprint Complex Cities Series - I Save £13.00
Screenprint  Complex Cities Series - X
Screenprint Nowhere Series - II
Screenprint Blue Moods Series - I
Screenprint Moving Around Series - I
Screenprint City Words Series - I
Screenprint City Words Series - II
Screenprint Expanded Memory Series
Etching Familiar Volumes - I
Etching Familiar Volumes - II
Lithograph Adrenaline - I Save £13.00
Screenprint City Words - V
Screenprint City Words Series - IV