THE RED PILL II | IV - Hot Gold Foil Printing



II/IV The Red Pill – This art print symbolizes the opposition between light and darkness as the opposition between Truth and Falsity. The asymmetrical lines appear as vertical cuts, as slashes made on the veil of Maya, the dark and illusory veil that, for the western philosophy, conceals the true and luminous reality from man.

“The Red Pill” title refers to the pop culture universe of "The Matrix", where the iconic falling code lines represents the essence of a false reality and where the choice for freedom is represented by the “red pill”.

The art print design expresses the slashes that reveal the golden light of the truth that shines behind the veil of illusion.


Hot Gold Foil Stamping, Slight Debossing


370gsm Fedrigoni Sirio Ultra Black Paper – the world's blackest paper, high quality paper from Fedrigoni (printing house since 1717)

Kurz Luxor Gold Foil – the finest gold foil used by luxury brands given its quality and uniformity 


27.6 x 39.4 (in) 
70 x 100 (cm) 


Each art print is part of a limited edition of 325 pieces. They are hand signed and hand numbered in gold. Each art print also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity sealed with black wax and a welcome pack.