Roberts Rurans

Lativian Artist Robert Rurans presents his "Idioms" project. His rational is that "We all use idioms in our language every day, taking their meaning for granted, but have you ever thought how funny or even weird they really sound? Mostly everyone knows what they mean when they say "monkey business", "fool's paradise" or "storm in a teacup", but what would it look like in a fool's paradise?"  He set out to rediscover the Latvian language in a more visual and literal sense.

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Latvian idioms #1: Rabbit Shoes
Latvian idioms #3: Bird of Misfortune
Latvian Idioms #5: A Clew In The Throat
Latvian Idioms #4: A Thistle In The Eye
Latvian Idioms #2: To Ride a Hare