Print Garage

Print Garage is run by artist and screen printer, Iain Perry, creating deeply layered, colour saturated, slow-motion screen prints. The image generation is a slow process of experimentation, of trial and error; collecting imagery, developing patterns and overlaying all the different elements until new and intriguing relationships emerge. The resulting collection is a series of paeans to pigment, a psychedelic hallelujah to the handmade and handprinted, colour and tone poems that are a tiny bit joyful. All work is printed using waterbased inks on acid free paper. 

All items are shipped from the UK. 

If you have any questions regarding a product issue or shipping, please send an email to

Monochromatic Meditations iv
Monochromatic Meditations iii
Monochromatic Meditations ii
Monochromatic Meditations
A Certain Point of View
Gestaltic Freezeframe
Tears In Rain
Going For Baroque
Fluorescent Meditations
Cluttered Heart
Hello Yellow
Berghain Basement