Posterzine™ Issue 28 | Apollonia Saintclair

by People of Print

Creating neo-noir surrealist sexscapes is artist Apollonia Saintclair. Her illustrative erotica sparks interesting commentary and the frustrating misconceptions about female sexuality. With a huge fan base, this unmasked woman draws reality with her fantastic lenses, to produce startling images that being are hungry for more of. 

Posterzine™ is People of Print's monthly publishing project taking the form of a mini-magazine which folds out into a gorgeous A1 format poster (594x841mm). Printed by Pressision Ltd using black and white colours onto GFSmith high quality Naturalis paper. 

For this issue, we've offered a split cover, meaning you have a choice of two covers and posters inside. Go for a walk in the woods or have some fun. 

Direction: Marcroy Smith
Design: Tom Sutcliffe
Interview: Kate Hollowood 

BI—ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION (6 ISSUES) includes shipping cost: