People of Print

People of Print LTD was established in May 2013. We have a team of art directors, project managers, graphic designers, illustrators and printmakers based in our London office and across the globe. We provide a print consultation service for those who are looking for print advice along with a fully bespoke screen print service for t-shirts and art prints.

We are a unique creative community who enjoy working with brands, companies and educational institutions to execute fresh and impressive campaigns, create media partnerships and put on events. In addition we also complete publishing projects such as our monthly magazine / poster Posterzine, Print Isn't Dead magazine, merchandise and other cool products. 

If you have any questions regarding a product issue or shipping, please contact us on 

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Posterzine™ Issue 47 | Leif Podhajsky
Posterzine™ Issue 46 | Marylou Faure
Posterzine™ Issue 45 | Mojoko
Posterzine™ Issue 44 | Karl Grandin
Posterzine™ Issue 43 | BurnType
Posterzine™ Issue 42 | Aga Giecko
Posterzine™ Issue 41 | Sports Banger
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Posterzine™ Issue 39 | Printed Goods
Posterzine™ Issue 38 | Yarza Twins
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Posterzine™ | The Illustration Bundle
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Posterzine™ Issue 34 |  Jordan Kay
Posterzine™ Issue 33 |  Benoît
Posterzine™ Issue 32 | Camille Walala
Posterzine™ Issue 31 | Braulio Amado
Posterzine™ Issue 30 | Strange Beast
Posterzine™ Issue 29 | Risotto Studio
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