WORD UP! Screenprint

by Mister Adam

This bold screenprint captures the essence of rap music. Many rappers in 80's and 90's used the the phrase 'Word' coming from a few phrases like "Word is bond". Meaning your word is your bond so anything you say you are bonded to. If somebody said "Word is bond" at the beginning or ending of a phrase they mean 100% what they are saying and they are not lying or joking. It then changed to other forms like "Word up". And even just WORD.


This 3 colour screenprint is hand-pulled using black, neon-orange and gold ink.

Edition of 15, size: 50 x 70 cm, printed on 250 gsm Hanhemüller paper.

Each print has been signed and numbered, and will be sold unframed.

Printed by Mister Adam (aka Adam Oostenbrink) and shipped from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.