Flamingo Press

Flamingo Press is an all female design studio with a background in graphic design, product design and photography. A few years ago, they fell in love with riso printing and the unique look of the risograph technique. Their prints are often experimental and brightly coloured, ranging from geometric shapes to playful illustrations as well as bold typography. 

All items are shipped from Bremen, Germany. 

If you have any questions regarding a product issue or shipping, please send an email to hallo@flamingopress.de

Next Door | Riso Postcard
Geometric Pattern | Riso Postcard
Dot | Riso Postcard
Colourful Wall Calendar 2019 | Risograph Sold out
Colourful Wall Calendar 2020 | Risograph
Weekly Pocket Calendar 2020 | Softcover
Weekly Pocket Calendar 2020 | Hardcover