asdesign is a north London based graphic design and screen printing studio with a background in architecture. The current collection of screen prints is a self initiated screen printed series titled "unseen detail".

This series responds to observations of our daily lives. This idea developed from objects such as office ventilation diffusers and digital prints. The patterns are formed by simple mathematic equations which create seemingly complex colour effects. The observer sees a smooth block of colour from far away which very quickly reveals a pattern of dancing dots. The effect is similar to the “tick of the eye” colour tests. The number in the corner is an expression of the mathematical equation which structures the work. This represents the maths behind the construction of man-made objects such as architectural structures, paper or ink.

The choice of hand made printing as a median comes from it’s physical movements and process. A design is first created by hand, then digitally worked up before physically constructed by a person, similar to designing a building. This process and the architectural world is what drove the initial inspiration of the unseen detail.

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sixdegrees | hand screen print
seven | two colour hand screen print
twopoint | two colour hand screen print
seventeen | two colour hand screen print
raku | two colour blend hand screen print
thirtytwo | two colour hand screen print
eight | hand screen print
twelve | hand screen print
thirds | two colour hand screen print
stitch | two colour hand screen print
six | two colour hand screen print
ninebynine | two colour hand screen print