Why We Love Geometry

We cannot deny, a beautifully symmetrical geometric pattern repeating itself in perfect precision is oddly satisfying to look upon. The question is why? Why are we drawn to the logical patterns and geometric shapes that exist in our world? Occurring in several religious, and spiritual notions, it's clear we indulge and externalise geometric art for its beauty and perhaps see a reflection of ourselves in its symmetrical construction. Theorists have suggested we appreciate these visual images because it's like getting a glimpse of the structure of our own brain, the patterns strangely familiar, but we cannot explain why.

Print by Chris Homer

However it's through the work of neuroscientists that we now understand why these patterns are familiar – they are universals of visual cortical architecture and this is why such patterns are cross-cultural. Designers throughout the ages have used their canvas' as platforms to project their love of geometry. We spoke to a few of our geometry-loving vendors from Department Store to find out why they use these patterns and shapes in their creative designs.  


Emma Fisher 

"The geometric shapes that feature in my work where originally inspired by nature and research into geometry in natural crystals. From this research I looked at crystal formations and combined these illustrations, and inspired designs to develop my work.
My work has developed and is now also inspired by many interests including optical art and isometric illustration. Working with the medium of screen print, I like to work with a limited colour palette and usually two layer prints. By limiting my palette this positively forces the need for different colours, texture and tones to contrast the angles of the shapes I illustrate. I like creating my designs digitally, but what I enjoy most is the process of screen printing and seeing how he final outcome display as a print on paper with the pop of neon ink too.
My work is a continued exploration of colour. The subject matters creates a surface for me to develop my love for illustration and composition too. They are also a constant experimentation for me to develop my interesting in screen printing and the unpredictable outcomes it can create." 


Gráinne Nagle aka Nounua

"I think I use geometric shapes just because of how they work together organically, without having to force anything. I like the fact that they can work both minimally as well as in pattern, but yet still retain a sense of structure. There's something about the simplicity of geometric shapes that I'm drawn to, and how just by adding colour they
can create a powerful effect." 









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