Vanda Sim Sim | City Words Series

Portuguese artist Vanda Sim Sim has recently produced her City Words Series, a screenprint series exploring the combination of collected images and the addition and subtraction of printmaking processes. Vanda's work is characterised by the fusing printmaking, collage and drawing. Her original hand pulled editions are also often produced using multiple techniques such as screen printing, etching and lithography. 

Vanda describes "sometimes I use collected objects from surrounding places, exploring the wear marks, like a witness. The sense of scale is explored in a dialogue between details and large landscapes, abstraction and figuration, oscillating through a multiplicity of realities of the same place, represented by imaginative constructions or maps that will not lead us to a particular place or purpose, leaving us the question of where we really are and where we actually might be going." 

You can find the City Words Series on Department Store printed with multiple colours on Fabriano Rosaspina 285gr paper. SHOP THE COLLECTION HERE

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