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Have you ever been on your way to a dinner party and forget the bottle of wine you were supposed to pick up beforehand? You hurriedly run into a nearby petrol station or corner shop and grab the first one you can find before rushing back to make it on time. Bringing a gift, particularly a bottle of wine is known for its polite etiquette at any dinner party, wedding, birthday or other type of celebration. It brings us closer together, in comes Typewine.

Typewine is a project of the heart initiated by Michael Kijac and Niko Baumgartl. Both with a love for wine and typography, have long been designing labels for wine bottles as personal gifts for there nearest and dearest. One day Niko wandered into Michael’s kitchen and was impressed by his very unique wine gifts. The two came together, bonding over the fact the same agency owed them money and hadn’t settled their invoices for months #freelancelife.. and began their plan of action.

By combining entertaining sayings with striking typography, the result is a wine label collection for graphic design enthusiasts and anyone else who wants to do something fun and new. With each label coming just as it is, you can transform any normal bottle of wine into an eye-catching, unique little gift! You simply cover over the standard label on any wine bottle – done!

We loved these products so much, we added them to our online marketplace. Click here to shop their collection. 



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