Top 8 Riso Printing Locations

Named after the manufacturer, Riso Kagaku Corp, risograph aka RISO printing is a high-speed, photocopier meets mimeograph printing system. This piece of machinery can duplicate prints from the built in scanning bed resulting in a very cost effective printing process. It sits in the realm between screen print and offset lithography but with a unique aesthetic allowing it to become very appealing to designers and illustrators when producing editions or self-published comics, zines and books.

Risotto Studio

You may be familiar with Risotto studio by now as they're just one of our many vendors that sell their amazing work on our curated market place – Department Store. Graphic designer Gabriella Marcella set up Risotto with a primary aim to explore the realms of risograph printing, creating bold and playful design outputs such as publications, prints and other paper products. Check out Risotto's beautiful product collection here..

Hato Press

Supporting the printing trade since 2009, Hato is an independent printing and publishing house based in London. Its name, Hato, meaning pigeon in Japanese, pays homage to Doves Press, a significant contributor to the Arts and Crafts movement. By creating an engaging platform for collaborations and creativity, this riso printing studio is definitely one to visit!

Two Press

Two Press is a unique studio based in Islington, West London. Not only do they offer a professional riso printing service they're also a well rounded design consultancy. Run by Two Times Elliott and equipped with incredibly experienced designers, Two Press can offer a full creative service from start to finish.


 Risosaurus Press

Another one of our favourite printers is the Risosaurus Press. Based in the bustling city of Sheffield, Risosaurus is a small independent publisher and risograph print studio who specialise in producing limited edition prints and publications using a Riso RP3700. Pin ‘em up! is a limited edition three colour sexy set of A4 Risograph prints by George Heaven printed there. 


Italian design studio Atto is a passionate creative educator. Directed by Sara Bianchi and Andrea Zambardi, the pair set up their independent design consultancy in Milan and continue to work with schools and other educational structures to gives youngsters tiny a glimpse into the graphic design world. Offering a fantastic riso printing service, Atto is certainly one to look out for.

 The Workhorse Press

Founded in 2010 by Dominic and Orlando, the duo, who shared a similar material-focused approach, set up their independent printing and publishing studio titled The Workhorse Press. Based in Edinburgh together they create an assortment of Risograph prints, publications, and other beautiful pieces of print. Check them out here or pop into their studio! 

 Parabo Press

Branching out a little further, Parabo Press offer an amazing riso printed service along with the other excellent printing techniques and finishes. If you're visiting India's west coast, make sure to pop into their state-of-the-art print shop.

Animal Press

We love how experimental riso printing can be. Most recently studios and artists are pushing the boundaries of what they can achieve through this affordable and interesting process. Opting for a more expressive approach is our buddies over at Animal Press. Bursting with bold colours and eccentric characters and layouts, their merch featured on Department Store is amazing! Grab one of their awesome products here..

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