Top 5 Textile Website Inspirations

Anyone who has experience printing on textile and other surfaces will certainly knows that it's whole other beast compared to printing on paper. So it's always useful to have resources to turn to for inspirations, tips and advice. We've compiled our favourites for you. Check them out below!

Uppercase Magazine Blog:

You're most likely familiar with Uppercase Magazine, the colorful publication that covers everything from craft to illustration. The publisher of the magazine, Janine Vangool, has an affinity for fabrics – she launched even her own collection of fabrics in 2006 –  and talks tips and shop in her both magazine and blog. The blog serves as a venue to post share information on meet-ups, shop visits, and design guides.

Pattern Library:

The Print Library, a project started by Tim Holman and Claudio Guglieri, compiles patterns designed by top designers for you to use in your work – for free! You can also upload your own designs for people to use in their work. Think of it as Creative Commons solely for prints and patterns.

Pattern Bank: Pattern Bank has a similar idea to Pattern Library, letting you browse different patterns organized by themes like Menswear, Tropical and Interior & Home. Their blog serves as a great resource for discovering other artists and industry news. You also have the option of buying their well-researched informative trend reports, released for each season.

Griswold Blog:

Started by a specialty fabric mill based in Rhode Island in the U.S., Griswold Blog is dedicated to textile designers. This charming blog captures the mill's small-town artisan spirit, that can be hard to find in a super industrialised field. Posts include artist spotlights, industry news, and videos.

Make Works:

Make Works is an open access directory of fabricators, material suppliers, workshops and manufacturers. It's free to use and list, but the service currently focuses on Scotland and Birmingham. However, if you're outside of those areas, their blog is a great resource particularly for the artist interviews and guide like this one on digital textile printing

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