The Ultimate Guide to Making Enamel Pins

Simple, yet wonderfully unique, individualistic and occasionally radical, enamel pins are beginning to make a come back into the fashion industry. Dotted on jackets, jean pockets and bags, these highly customisable pins are becoming a popular canvas for artists to project their thoughts, feelings, ideas and humorous quotes and illustrations. 

We spoke to our brilliant vendor Polkapom and asked their advice on how they create their fabulous enamel pins.

V:Polkapom started with the love of illustration and with the idea that humorous and a not-so-serious attitude can make everything a little more fun, the brand was born. 

Why enamel pins? We believe that enamel pins are small accessories that make big impact! Adding a pop of colour, a spark of character and whole lot of fun in your everyday life!

When the holidays came around we wanted to do something that captured the joy of the season but that was still fun, and hopefully, funny. That's how the Party Animals collection was born! 

Literally - animals that are partying - pairs one of our favourite animals with some celebratory accessories. We have Whale of a Time Whale, with a trusty heart by its side, Techno Tapir, who takes the party very seriously, and Party Pug, who likes good old fashioned fun. The Party Animal pins are definitely the go to accessories for animal and fun lovers! 

Did we mention that we love food too! I mean, who doesn’t? There’s a reason why we start everyday with eggs - because they make everything better! We thought, why not bring eggy-joy outside of breakfast, and voila, the Sunny Side Up pin was born! The Sunny Side Up pin is an accessory for every time of the day that reminds you of the best time of day, breakfast. 


Check out EVENTHREE's products including his Yentes Gonna Yent enamel pin as well as other vendor's fabulous pins can be bought from Department Store at super affordable prices too! 







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