The Rise Of Zines

Zines have continued to dip and rise in popularity yet never seeming to de completely. At a time where independent publishing is a its all time high, we've selected a few publication that highlight the best in this thriving print sector on our curated marketplace.


Zines have been a direct outlet to express a persons opinions and feelings. From adopting the copy and paste aesthetic thanks to the development of technology and access to the internet, to the traditional hand illustrated styles – zines are more alive that ever. 'Anna' is the artists Bijou Karman's love letter to french actress Anna Karina, a risograph printed zine with a beautiful, whimsical illustrative style. 

This Is Not  A Firing Zine

London Undertown is a project by Spanish duo Pablo Reca and Rafael Ferrer. The pair's work consists of dark humour fused with witty and playful imagery their zine being a perfect example. This Is Not A Firing Guide is a 12 page zine filled with surrealistic firing scenarios adorned with a screen printed title on its front cover. Check out their collection on Department Store here.. 

Quarter Zine 

London based multidisciplinary designer Ewa Leftmann loves the idea of exploring an idea as a message. Featuring an array of contributors,Quarter zine is a collection of observations and confessions situated around ‘quarter life’. It aims to reintroduce the adolescent act of writing in ones’ diary to young adults in a weighted, tangible form, whilst encouraging us to share experiences during a confusing yet exciting point in our lives. 

Blue Monday Press

Your Favourite Rapper is a collection of portraits of rappers by a host of international artists.

Featuring the work of: Jay Bartlett, Oliver Macdonald Oulds, Ben Gore, Alexander James Vynne, Andrew Burns, Adam Campbell, Verity Slade, Tommy Bold, Hamza, Derek Stewart, Claire Louise Tarrant, Jesse Russell Galbraith, Otso Perasaari, Tom Taylor, Kevin Keates, Barry Chills, Joel Benjamin, Alexander Norton, Leo Kember, Daniel Blackburn and Sam Lloyd.


B–SIDES is a collection of photographic moments exploring the visual language of Brighton through the eyes of local graphic designer Ian Caulkett. B–SIDES looks at the space that surrounds his daily life and the elements that inform his work as a designer – the unremarkable detail, the graphic qualities of found typography, shapes, lines, colour and shadows. Buy here!

Valencia Rubbings 

Zines aren't just for the radical, so they have known to be. Multidisciplinary designer Maxwell Harrison has created a zine as a vehicle to express his own personal interest. Within this publication are 10 reproductions of pavement rubbings found in Valencia. Coated with a two colour screen printed cover, Harrison has drawn attention to the beautiful and unusual textures in our surrounding environment. Purchase here!


We don't mean to blow our own trumpet, but we feel that Posterzine is currently a unique piece of print that features some of the best creative talents in the design industry today. Our zine is a poster and publication all in one piece of print! Posterzine is an A1 format poster that folds down into an A4 monograph featuring exclusive interviews with top designers, artists, studios, collectives and so forth. Love Posterzine? Why not subscribe and make some great savings, we offer quarterly, bi-annual, and annual subscriptions meaning you could save even more money! Subscribe here..

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