The Rise Of The Independent Publishing

The independent publishing industry, although having been rumoured to struggle in keeping its head above water, has never been more alive. Since the creation and development of printers, print reproduction is now the highest its ever been. Being a full participant within this growing market, here at People Of Print we're strong supporters in helping this trend thrive. From controversial, hand illustrated zines to independent magazines we've highlighted some fabulous publications that are featured on our curated marketplace. 

Double Dagger– Issue one Letterpress in the Digital Age 

Published, edited and printed by Nick Loaring and Pat Randle from The Whittington Press in Summer 2016. Double Dagger is a 12 page printed newspaper publication donated to examining the role of the letterpress in todays digital world. Printed on a 1970's Heidelberg Cylinder SBB entirely from hot-metal, wood and laser-cut type, fused with Nick Loaring's bold design layouts and depth of colour. Double Dagger's pages even smell of the letterpress, offering something completely different in todays world of print. 


London Undertown – This Is Not A Firing Guide Zine

London Undertown is a project created by Pablo Reca and Rafael. Two individuals that create bizarre and witty illustrations paired with dark humour that take the form of zines, screen prints and accessories. 'This Is Not A Firing Guide' is a twelve page publication consisting of surrealistic firing scenarios with a screen printed title on the cover. 

65: by Collin O'Brien 

Filled with photographs of the everyday things that may be overlooked and neglected, Collin O'Brien was free to document the world this way. Spanning 65 years totally 65 images, this publication when put together, portrays O'Brien's personal journey harking back to his career and true heritage of this photography.  

Bijou Karman – Girls & Plants

Opting for a more expressive and carefree illustrative style is artist Bijou Karman. 'Girls and Plants' is simple, a 12 page gorgeous zine donated to a love of plants. Printed using a risograph technique onto cream paper in neon pink and green by Tiny Splendor in Los Angeles. This cute little publication embodies the notion of the endless possibilities of independent publishing. 

Posterzine – Issue 17

And finally, to show our passion and support for the independent publishing industry we created our monthly publishing project titled 'Posterzine', a monograph magazine which folds out into a gorgeous A1 format poster (594x841mm). Our latest publication, issue 17 showcases the brilliant work of Felipe Pantone, printed by Pressision Ltd in CMYK onto high quality GFSmith Naturalis Paper. 

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