The Cledford — New Print Series

You may be familiar with our vendor The Cledford aka Vince Patterson. The Cledford is a riso project created by Patterson who's aim is to create as many graphic images as possible using an outsourced mixed media process. Each one unique. 

This week we highlight his newest sets of prints. Some take the form of screenprints whilst others are the typical riso printed pieces that we've seen before. We spoke to Vince to find out a little more about the process of these new creations.

V: I’ve moved away from the Riso and am now screen printing yet have maintained the same approach of the Riso prints. The Prints are still unique, everyone is different. I’m all about layering the images in vibrant colours and tones to create a visual punch. The new imagery is a combination of geometric shapes, old magazine cutouts and photos from a Californian road trip.

By juxtaposing together all the varied elements I try to build up a seductive composition which hopefully allows the viewer to develop meaning. The new work features a new series called ‘Motel on Interstate 5’ a range of multicoloured screen prints developed from a photo of truck stop motel visited on a late night drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It was a visual slice of Americana, the set of a million movies, so easy to project your own cinematic narrative on to.

 I also have the final few dancers prints. They have been a perennial since I began the project and have proved my most popular work. The Rudeboy and Girl dancing are just joy to look at, a representation of freedom, of dance, music, and soul. There are loads more prints to come and each and everyone will be a one-off. There are others like it, but no two the same." 

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